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Converts to Islam

Converts to Islam

Why are People In the West Attracted by Islam?

Islam finds surprising numbers of converts in western countries - especially among young people. How can that be? Well, first it shows that there is a spiritual need in all of us that nothing can completely delete. People are looking for something else and they are hungry for more. Very hungry. Obviously the oftentimes wishy-washy offers of traditional Christian mainstream churches are far from quenching their spiritual thirst. Plus you have so many different and often opposing views of what being a Christian is all about, of what is right and what is wrong (and why!), that I can’t blame them for running to the hills. People are simply not spiritually fed anymore in Christian churches. They are looking for an alternative, for clear and simple rules to live by, for a safe haven within a community that backs them – and Islam offers all of that. At least at first view. They might find out later that Islam is not really what they thought it is, but it definitely seems to be a hook for many. How to respond? On a positive note Christians need to give people what they need: Spiritual food. Real food, not that “me, myself and I”-feel-good Christianity, but the truth. Other than that we need to tell people what Islam is all about and how to respond to its claims. Islam looks good at first, but is a major deception and will certainly not still the people’s spiritual needs. As long as we do not give them a clear and solid alternative, it makes no sense whining that they are running away from Christianity. We need to roll up our sleeves at first and get our own house in order so it will be attractive enough for people to want to be in there too!